Best Children’s Books about Princesses

What little girl can resist a story about a princess? Unfortunately, there are gads of awful ones scattered throughout bookstores and libraries. There are far too many princess stories with bratty, materialistic, or pretentious women at the center. We managed to compile a list of the diamonds in the rough – stories that focus on princesses of intellect and character. Below are our top picks for books that feature princesses (listed in alphabetical order). A Little Princess written by Frances Hodgson Burnett; illustrated {Read More}

Best Children’s Books about Albert Einstein

Mathematician Albert Einstein was anything but ordinary. In fact, he began his life with a number of people questioning his intelligence. As such, his story can serve as an inspiration to young children who dance to a different drum. These stories also encourage kids to appreciate the wonders of math. Below are our top picks for picture books about Albert Einstein (listed in alphabetical order). Albie’s First Word written by Jacqueline Tourville; illustrated by Wynne Evans Although it is unknown what Albert Einstein’s first word was, {Read More}

Best Children’s Books about Kindness

It’s a given that all parents want their children to be kind – to show compassion and goodwill to people around them. These powerful children’s book teach the lesson of kindness with beautiful illustrations and compelling stories. The Quiltmaker’s Journey written by Jeff Brumbeau and illustrated by Gail de Marcken In this gorgeous book with detailed painting-style pictures, author Jeff Brumbeau recounts the imaginative tale of a young girl who lives protected in a city of only wealth & riches. {Read More}