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Birthday Party

Beauty and The Beast Party

Bonjour! Today's the day your (party) dreams come true! I've pulled together a lovely list of invitations, decorations, activities, gift ideas, and party favors for a Beauty and The Beast […]

Madeline Party

Bonjour! If you have a child who has insatiable curiosity and great strength of character, planning a Madeline-themed party in her honor may be a marvelous idea. Although the small […]

Anne of Green Gables Party

Anne has always been utterly resistible. With her red braids, fiery temper, kind heart, and bookish ways - she is a literary heroine who every girls wants to claim as […]

Little House on the Prairie Party

Boys and girls have been reading about prairie life for hundreds of years, thanks to the enchanting words of Laura Ingalls Wilder. If you are pining for a pioneer-themed ice […]

Charlotte's Web Party

Enter the imaginative and artistic world of E.B. White's Charlotte's Web. Create a book-themed wonderland that celebrates one of the literary world’s most beloved stories about the friendship between a spider […]