Best Children’s Books about Albert Einstein

Mathematician Albert Einstein was anything but ordinary. In fact, he began his life with a number of people questioning his intelligence. As such, his story can serve as an inspiration to young children who dance to a different drum. These stories also encourage kids to appreciate the wonders of math.

Below are our top picks for picture books about Albert Einstein (listed in alphabetical order).

Best Children's Books Albert Einstein

Albie’s First Word

written by Jacqueline Tourville; illustrated by Wynne Evans

Albie's First Word

Although it is unknown what Albert Einstein’s first word was, the author does a marvelous job of imagining what it might of been and of chronicling Albie’s (very real) speech delay. Charming and somewhat odd illustrations of a very-large-eared Albert youngster accompany the text.

Ask Albert Einstein

written and illustrated by Lynne Barasch

Ask Albert Einstein

Set in 1952 and based on a true story, this compelling picture book shows another side of Albert Einstein. A young girl named April sends him a desperate letter for help with her sister’s math problem. His answer, although partly fictional, seems true to his character and legacy.

Meet Einstein

written by Mariela Kleiner; illustrated by Viviana Garofoli

Meet Einstein

This cheerfully illustrated book does a good job of defining terms for young readers – scientist, gravity, and light. In few words, the author manages to spell out Albert’s legacy in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. The final page prompts the reader with these encouraging words: “And maybe one day you will be a scientist too.”

Odd Boy Out

written and illustrated by Don Brown

Odd Boy Out

The author draws a clear distinction between Albert Einstein and his peers. They speak; he does not. They like sports; he likes math. They are gentile; he is Jewish. In the end, however, he is remembered and applauded as a “great thinker.”

On A Beam of Light

written by Jennifer Berne; illustrated by Vladimir Radunsky

On A Beam of Light

Interesting, well-written book with modern illustrations and fun factoids. The cartoonish, creative pictures lend well to the story of one the world’s most famous geniuses.

What are your favorite picture books about Albert Einstein? We’ll update our list as other treasures are discovered, always keeping our list to the very BEST children’s books.

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